photography, Trills the artist, blue, city, urban, “Contemporary Nostalgia”
is what Trills Smith brings to the culture of Hip Hop.

Born and raised in the largest city in the state,”The Bricks” better known as Newark, New Jersey, is an expansive concrete kingdom that instills a sense of history and resilience in all of her natives.

As it some how goes even for good citizens, Trills entered junior high school and began to hang with friends that sold drugs, stole bikes and more.

Acceptance to Arts High School in Newark, New Jersey is what he considers to be the turning point to a brighter day.

As a young and impressionable man, he found himself emerged in history with the opportunity to study his craft in the infamous school that groomed performers such as Sara Vaughan, Melba Moore, Tisha Campbell-Martin, and Savion Glover in one of the most notorious cultural and political hot spots in the nation.

Among his classmates included another budding talented performer named Kat DeLuna; things were definitely looking up for a young brown man born among such turmoil.

painting, Social Light, Trills Smith

While attending high school as a visual Arts Major, he discovered that he had a great love for painting while also befriending music majors that would help develop his skill as a writer.

Under the wing of various creatives including writers, singers, and producers, Trills was encouraged to try his hand at recording music thus leading to the creation of his former group 4.5.6. The young duo made their mark around the local indie music circuit scoring shows at local skating rinks.

Ever the Renaissance Man, Trills created art during his years spent at Arts High that still hangs in the school today, while also having his music in rotation on the various online and college radio stations across the country.

In an effort to create his own opportunity he began producing his own art exhibits and fund raisers, literally, held in the same Newark streets he’s originally from.

Using an organic approach, Trills utilizes the abstract urban environment to meld music, self expression and visual art, while also promoting community, exposing young people to the arts and contributing to the conversation of black cultural representation.

The path of self-determination led him to develop a company alongside those same creative friends from his early days.

Triple Beam is an artists collective that counts Music Production, Photography, Graphic Design, and other artistic elements as part of their professional services.

Trills now manages his time by selling his whimsical pop art paintings, developing screenplays, recording music, and capturing the rich culture of urban America on film and video.

Following his idol Gordon Parks, Trills plans to bring a lot of substance to the culture with an array of upcoming joint creative ventures with area talent. With a shared love of urban expressionism, mixed media and photography, the results are guaranteed to be something wild and new.

So what happens when a young person becomes conditioned to love art and music? He’ll go on to extend what it means to be an artist.

Welcome to the world of neo-urban art……We’ve been waiting on you.


A rapper that is in tune with the streets; but not limited to them.

An artist that is in love with the people; never having stopped being one of them.